How To Use Pen Drive As RAM To Boost PC Speed

pendriveMost of you complains about slow performance of your PC.  You have tried every tweak which is available on the net but still the performance is low.  The problem is with your RAM, not with the tweaks.   It is very obvious that if you have low RAM then your PC performance will be definitely slow.  Purchasing a new RAM is also not affordable thing for most of us.  But we people in daily life everyday make use of USB or Pen Drive for transferring data from 1 PC to another PC.  I will teach you a method to convert your USB into RAM and super boost your PC performance instead of wasting your times on registry patches and other softwares to tweak the peormance.  To follow this process, you need Windows 7 or Windows Vista OS in your PC.

Connect your Pen Drive to your PC and right click on it.  There you will get option of Format, simply click on it.


Now, chose the file system which you want in your Pen Drive like FAT or NTFS and click start.


After formatting, right click on your Pen Drive and go to properties.  There you can see a tab “Ready Boost”.  Click on that tab and select option “Use this device” and apply.


It will immediately improve your system performance, but if you would not get any change in your system performance then simply restart your PC and test.