How To Boost Surfing Speed Using OpenDNS Servers

ExplorerEvery ISP provides their own custom DNS (Domain Name System) servers to their customers.  The DNS servers basically help you while surfing on the net.  Your surfing speed depends upon these DNS servers.  If you got fastest DNS servers from your ISP, then indeed your surfing speed will be amazing, but what if these servers are quite slow.

When you enter any website URL into your browser, the browser will connect directly to your ISP’s DNS servers and will try to get the website IP address and then it will start loading the website.  Frankly speaking, this process take more than normal time sometimes and if the load is heavy on the server, then you have to wait a lot than average waiting.

The solution of this problem is OpenDNS servers.  OpenDNS servers are the fastest DNS servers, which will load any website faster than your ISP’s DNS servers.   The method is given below and follow it properly to configure your DNS servers.

Go to your active connection properties.


Here you can see IPv4 is active.  Go to the Properties option.


At this point, you have to choose Internet Protocol Version 4 because that is the active one.  Choose that one and go to properties.


Now, here you have to enter IP of your OpenDNS servers, which are:

After entering these IPs, hit OK.  Now, you will feel the difference.  The page would load more faster than it was before because now it is using OpenDNS servers.