How To Make Money on Youtube in 2016

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YoutuYouTubebe is currently the biggest video sharing network. Millions of people upload their videos on Youtube and monetize them using Google adsense. This is not a myth that Youtube gets billions of views on daily basis and share its revenue with the users, which are known as Youtube partners and comes under their partnership program.

If you are a video creator and love to create videos on daily basis, then Youtube is a real goldmine for you. There are plenty of people, who has just become millionaire by only uploading videos to Youtube and monetizing them using Google adsense. There are also few people who are just using Youtube as their primary source of income. This means they don’t do any other jobs and earn their static income completely on autopilot. It is just about your video content and its quality. If your video contains some exclusive information, some guide, tips, tricks or kind of amusing, you can really earn big bucks with Youtube. To monetize your videos, you must have a Google adsense account. Google offers various options to withdraw money like Western Union Money Transfer, Wire transfer etc. These options depends upon your country location.

Youtube dashboard contains plenty of options to track your daily video statistics. You can check your daily number of subscribers, audience retention, daily earnings, daily views etc. You just need to explore the dashboard and keep your subscribes engaged by daily or weekly uploading some interesting videos. If your video gets viral, then you can really bank hard. You only need to make sure that you should not violate any community guidelines and also should not upload any copyrighted material. Doing such an act, can create a big trouble for your Youtube account. So, always upload your own original content without violating any of the guidelines.

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There are 4 methods, which you can use to monetize your videos.

  1. Google Adsense.
  2. Affiliate Marketing.
  3. CPA Offers.
  4. PPD

Google Adsense:  This process has already been explained above. For this, you just need a verified Google account. Ads will be displayed during the video and revenue will be generated, which will be shared with you by Google.

Affiliate Marketing:  Most of the people on Youtube are not happy with Google Adsense because ads served by Google depends upon niche you choose. You can get upto 0.1$ to 1$ per click, might be more. This basically means CTR (Click Through Rate) is not static, it will vary video to video. Due to this nature, affiliate marketing comes handy. You can create review video about any product and just put your affiliate link in video description. The product can be ebook, software, or anything else. If anyone buy that product, you will earn the commision. Youtube is part of Google, so if you make any video about certain product that video might show up in Google search, which means you will also get Google search engine traffic, free SEO for you and more money.

CPA Offers:  This terms stands for cost per action. You can create some informational video about your CPA offer and put the link in your description where users can get that offer. Every time any user will visit that offer and complete it, you will earn the money. It depends upon the CPA network, how much they are offering to you for that offer and also on user’s country, if that offer is available in his country or not. From personal experience, CPA offers based on USA, Germany, and France give you more money, per offer earning could be 20$ to 25$. This means you don’t need huge amount of views, a few views can also give you good amount of money if the people watching your videos complete those offers.

PPD:  This term stands for pay per download. Suppose, you have created some ebook for fitness or health related with bunch of tips in it. You can join any PPD network and upload that ebook. You can ask users to download the ebook for full information. PPD networks work like CPA offers.  They will show the offers to the users and everytime they will finish a offer, you will earn the money and they will get the ebook. Fair deal 🙂

I hope this small article will help you to understand the logic behind earning money with Youtube. Its all about taking action. If you take the action, you can earn good amount of money with Youtube only.