How To Play Pacman Game Using Google

As you all know that Google is biggest search engine right now which we all use.  There are lots of cool tricks which you can use to have fun with the Google.  Normally, users just put the word and hit search button to get the results.  But how much of you know that there is also a button with a caption “I’m Feeling Lucky.”   The Pacman is indeed a very famous game.  But I will tell you the way to play it in your browser with the help of Google.


Some more cool words which you can enter in Google are given below.  After entering any of them just hit “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.

  • Do a barrel roll
  • Askew
  • Let It Snow
  • Who’s The Cutest

To change the logo of Google, you can use these words.

  • Google easter egg
  • Epic Google
  • Gizoogle
  • Google linux
  • Google loco
  • Google bsd
  • Google gothic