How To Optimize Blog Post Title For Better SEO of Blogger

bloggerThese days most of the bloggers are doing a big mistake by not optimizing their post titles.  Believe me, if you want to get into the blogging market, you have to be smart and cleaver.  Most of the bloggers are trying every possible thing to optimize their blog for better SEO.  The newbie bloggers have no idea about these optimizations.  Writing an article and posting it on the blog, would not take you anywhere until unless it is not optimized well for better SEO.

First of all, before making a post to your blog think about the title of the post.  The blog post title matters the most for SEO.  If your blog post title is not well descriptive then your blog would not get any rank in search engines.  That will remain zero as always or whatever you have right now.  Suppose you are writing a post, in which you are going to explain about article writing technique, then what would be your post title?

Wrong:  Cool Article Writing

Correct:  How To Write An Amazing Article

The people who search over Google, they are human like you and me.  Over Google 70% of the people use words like How to, What to , Where I can as prefix to their search term.  You must include these search term as prefix in your post title.

Most of the blogger use the default templates provided by the blogger which is the biggest mistake they ever do.  Right now, 1000 of free templates are available on the net for blogger and most of them are well optimized.  However, you don’t need to rely over them completely.  There are certain tweaks which you can apply manually to your blogger template.  I will let you know about 2 tweanks, which are really helpful in SEO.

First of all, you can change the header tag of your post title, that will help Google in crawling your page easily.

  • Go to your blog template page.
  • Click on Edit HTML.
  • A window will popup.
  • Select Expand Widget Templates.
  • Search for this given code:

Change h3 tag to h1. Next, because most of the bloggers use the default template, the site title always comes first and post title come next to it in search results.  This is really not good.  For better SEO, your post title should always come first and next to it your blog title.  Follow the given steps to fix it. Search for the following code:




Replace this code with:



<data:blog.pageName/> ~ <data:blog.title/>

After applying these 2 tweaks and having a descriptive title definitely boost your blog’s search rankings and believe me you will feel the difference.