How To Disable Copy in Blogger

bloggerEvery blogger wants to protect their content from plagiarism and believe me it hurts a lot if some steal your stuff and claim that it has been created by him. If you are a blogger and wants to become one of top bloggers, stop doing this thing. Getting inspired with some article and copying the entire article, both are different things. The people who are blogging for a very long time, know very well that to get on top stealing the content is not the key. But most of the newbies do this kind of mistake and end up so early in blogging market.

The method which I am going to share, will stop these newbies from stealing your content. However, this is not the ethical solution, but knowledge is free, why don’t you try it? For this method, follow the given steps properly.

  • Login to your blogger account and go to Dashboard.
  • Go to layout option.
  • Select the option Add a Gadget and from the list select HTML/Javascript.
  • Paste given code and save it.

This is a javascript which will disable the copy function in your blog. After using this script, newbies would not be able to copy your content However, the solution for this also exists.