QuizGroup Youtube MCN Network Review

QuizGroup Youtube MCN Network Review

Youtube is one of the most visited website over internet which contains lots of videos with millions of daily uploads by Youtube users all across the world.  Youtube every day gets billions of views on their videos and they make millions every day through their ads.  Youtube also gives opportunity to all of its users to make money online by uploading quality videos and joining Youtube Partnership Program.  By joining this program, Youtube will pay you by showing ads on your videos.  The CPC of those ads depends upon your niche.  By personal experience, tech and health related videos give you high CPC.  But I would suggest you to go by a niche about which you love to create videos.  If you are uploading quality videos, then surely you will get huge number of subscribers as well as views.

Since Youtube delivers ads based on your niche, your CPC could be pretty low.  In this scenario, you better join some Youtube MCN like Quiz Group. This MCN delivers high paying ads depending upon your niche.  Quiz Group revenue share is 80/20. This means Quiz Group only takes 20% of your Youtube earnings.  I know it sounds bad, but there is a catch which you would definitely like to know because I noticed it personally.

If you earning with Youtube Adsense is only 500$/month, then you will be easily able to make 1000$/month with Quiz Group.  Since they will take your 20% earnings, you will end up with 800$, which is way better than Adsense. Quiz Group pays through Web Money, Paypal, & Wire Transfer.  The minimum threshold limit for Web Money is 1$, for Paypal is 5$, and for Wire Transfer is 100$ as of current.

The Quiz Group initial contract is for 3 years as of current.  For more information, its better you should contact them. You can monitor your earnings directly from Youtube Analytics.  Quiz Group partners also have access to their own dashboard where they can add more channels to their account to increase their earnings.

My Earnings with Adsense:

My Earnings with Quiz Group Network:


If you have not joined Quiz Group, just hit join button and be the part of best Youtube MCN network.

QuizGroup Youtube MCN Network Review