Browsing A Website Without Registration Using Mozilla Firefox

MozillaI know the title sounds great.  Everyone hates the mandatory registration process if someone wants to access the site completely just for temporary purpose.  In cyber world, there are lots of forums which follow this rule of mandatory registration and believe me it is really annoying.  As you know, Google is the king of search engines and every webmaster wants that his webpages should be indexed in Google search engine as soon as possible.  For that reason, most of the webmasters give the full access to the Google Bot to access the site completely.  In this tutorial, I am going to teach you the method of becoming a Google Bot to have the full browsing access to almost all sites.  Follow the steps carefully.

Download and install the Mozilla Firefox Browser.  Install the Firefox addon User Agent Switcher and restart Firefox.  Go to the User Agent Switcher options.


Put in Description and Googlebot/2.1 (+ in User Agent.


Congrats, your Google crawling bot agent is ready for use.  Go to the User Switch Agent addon and select your newly created user agent.


Now, you can browser any website as a Google crawling bot.  To switch back to your normal user agent, just hit the default option.