How To Use jQuery

jqueryFirst of all, you have to download jQuery file from which is the official website for jQuery and have complete documentation about its implementation.  There are basically 2 versions available v1.x and v2.x.  If you want to provide support for older versions of IE 6, 7, 8 then you can download v1.x but if you don’t want to provide support for them, then go for v2.x.

Because jQuery v2.x does not support older versions of IE, it is much smaller in size as compared to jQuery v1.x.

After downloading the required version, you can add its reference to your code file using src attribute like we do for JavaScript files.  Make sure you provide correct path of your script, otherwise jQuery code will not work.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>jQuery Tutorial </title>

<script src="jquery-1.11.2.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">