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Class Selector in jQuery with Example

In previous tutorials, we have seen how to select HTML elements using their ID and Tag name.  In this tutorial, we will proceed with another selector which is a class selector.  We will select elements based on their class name.  The syntax for selecting an element by class is $(‘.ClassName’).  There are multiple ways of

Odd & Even Selectors in jQuery

Whenever you select an element by Tag Name, it will return collection of elements which have the same Tag Name.  That collection always starts from 0.  We can manipulate those elements by their odd and even position in collection using Odd and Even selectors in jQuery.  We are going to use Tag Name and ID

Tag Name Selector in jQuery

Today, we are going to manipulate HTML elements by selecting them using their tag name.  We are going to perform 3 kinds of selection using tag name. Single Element (Single Tag Name). Multiple Elements (Multiple Tag Names). Element descendant of another Element. Single Element:  The syntax for selecting single element by tag name is $(‘TagName’). 

ID Selector in jQuery

In HTML, each element can have its unique ID.  This unique ID is further used by JavaScript and jQuery for manipulation.  Having a unique ID for each element will make easy for jQuery and JavaScript to find the right HTML element in DOM.  In jQuery, we use hash (#) in front of ID for selection,

Selectors in jQuery

As we know, jQuery is mainly used to manipulate HTML elements in DOM.  The jQuery selectors play an important role in such manipulation.  Selectors help you in selecting right HTML element for manipulation.  You can add event handlers, styles, change attribute values of any HTML element etc. Some of the most common jQuery selectors are