How To Take Windows IP Configuration Log

windowsSometimes we all face problem while working on net.   The problem could be like even after connecting your Ethernet cable, the net is not working.  Sometimes everything is fine, but you are not able to use the net.  To diagnose this problem, we all make use of ipconfig command, but suppose if we want to send that information to someone so that after looking over your ip configuration you can get the right suggestions to make your net work.  Simply copy pasting the IP config details from CMD is not a solution, because some times the listing is too lengthy that your CMD window will not show all.  I will teach you the procedure of taking the log in this situation.

  • Press Windows + R key.  Run command dialog will popup.
  • Type CMD and hit enter.
  • Type ipconfig /all>c:\log.txt and hit enter.

After following this small procedure, you will get a log file in C drive which you can pass to anyone or you can use yourself to diagnose the issue.