How To Create Custom Smiley For Facebook Chat

facebookFacebook is one of the famous social networking site.  Lots of users everyday join Facebook.  Day by day Facebook is also providing new features to the users like video chatting, custom Facebook applications, games etc.  The most famous part of the Facebook is chatting online with friends with the use of cool smileys and it will make the fun double when you get a chance to use your custom smiley while chatting with the friends.


The method is very simple and easy like a cake.  Just go to this link Click Here  After opening this webpage, you will get 2 options.  One is for choosing your image file and second is for uploading it.


After choosing and uploading your image file, you will get the custom code.


Just copy the given code and send it by chat.


This method is very simple, a noob can follow.