How To Check If Antivirus is Working or Not?

1In the world of internet, if you want to survive and be safe, you must need an antivirus to protect your PC.  These days everyone got antivirus installed in their PC.  The question is this, your antivirus is really working? To ensure this thing, just simply follow the given process.

Copy and paste the given string in notepad and save it as Virus Test.bat.


For your assurance, I want to tell everyone that this is not a virus file.  This is a EICAR test file, which will help you in testing your antivirus.  To know more about this, Click Here

Immediately, after saving this bat file, your antivirus will popup a message.


If you would not get any message that means your antivirus is not working properly.  Update your antivirus and do the same test again or change your antivirus and get the new one