Disadvantages of Using JavaScript

JavaScriptAs we know, JavaScript is extremely helpful in case of manipulating DOM of a web page.  JavaScript can be used in a good way or bad way.  There are 3 main disadvantages of using JavaScript.

Disabling Option:  Almost all the browsers have an option in settings to disable JavaScript. This means if someone has disabled it, your JavaScript code will not work at all.

Cross-Browser Compatibility:  JavaScript has serious compatibility issues.  Sometimes certain piece of code does not work at all in some browsers.  InnerText property is one of the properties which works fine with IE & Google Chrome, but it does not work with Firefox.  So, to make things work across all browsers, you can replace it with TextContent property which is compatible with all the browsers.

Security Issues:  JavaScript can be used to redirect a web user to malicious websites or even can be used to steal personal data like login credentials.  That’s why most of the users disable it in their browser settings.