What is HTML?

htmlHTML Stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Each and every website in World Wide Web is structured using HTML syntax.  In a web page, we have different types of elements like text, images, video etc.  Each of them is marked using HTML syntax in the form of tags.  These tags will let the browser know how to treat the content inside those tags.

You can easily build a static website using HTML and CSS.  But for dynamic websites, we make use of scripting languages like PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP.net etc.  However, the end result will always be in HTML format because this is what modern browsers understand.  As of current, we are going to learn HTML5 which is the latest version.

To create our web page, we are going to make use of software called Notepad++.  To get more info about setting up and installing Notepad++, Click Here.  Make sure you select HTML from language menu in Notepad++.