What is Bootstrap 3?

bootstrapBootstrap is front-end framework which helps web developers to create a website without worrying about tricky CSS and JavaScript.  The tricky CSS and JavaScript part is handled by Bootstrap.  Bootstrap helps in creating a responsive web design.  Responsive web design adjusts itself in terms of height and width depending upon device.  Such design is also called fluid layout.

Bootstrap 1 was introduced in 2011 by Twitter.  It was created by 2 web developers, Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton.  In initial release, Bootstrap 1 had only components related to CSS and HTML.  Bootstrap 2 had components related to CSS and HTML as well as JavaScript.  This version of Bootstrap was responsive to the mobiles, desktops, and tablets.

After bunch of major modifications in the framework as well as JavaScript and CSS files, Bootstrap 3 was launched in 2013.  Now, this framework is more responsive as compared to previous versions.  The only drawback is that it is not backward compatible.

I hope you liked this small introduction of Bootstrap. See you in next tutorial!