How many MB in a GB ?

How Many MB in a GB ?

If you are one of the people, who want to know how many MB in a GB, then the answer for this very simple question is 1024 MB but this answer is not right in some cases where we take it as 1000 MB.  MB stands for Megabyte and GB stands for Gigabyte.  Both of them are most commonly used computer storage units.  Today, we will learn some basics about computer storage units.

This all started in 1998 when IEC which stands for International Electrotechnical Commission, defined 1 MB as 1000000 (106) bytes.  Since then, various international organizations have adopted this standard.  If we talk about kilobyte and gigabyte, then a kilobyte is equal to 1000 bytes and a gigabyte is equal to 1000000000 (109) bytes.  In a general way, 1 kilo equals to 1000, mega equals to 10002, and giga equals to 10003.

Why I Get Less Hard Disk Space?

Microsoft Windows considers 1 KB equals to 1024 bytes  and 1 MB equals to 10242 bytes.  That is the only reason you always get less device storage rather than what you actually bought because hardware manufacturers such as USB, hard disks, DVDs take storage as 1 KB equals to 1000 bytes.  A very simple example of this scenario is 500 GB hard disk which upon connecting to Microsoft Windows gives you storage of 465.66 GB.


What is a Bit?

This is one of the smallest unit for computer data storage and it can be either 0 or 1.  Bit basically stands for binary digit which is represented by symbol b.

What is a Byte?

After bit, we have byte and 1 byte in bits is equal to 8 bits.

What is a Kilobyte or KB?

KB stands for Kilobyte and 1 Kilobyte in Bytes is equal to 1024 bytes.

What is a Mebibyte or Megabyte?

Let me clearly explain you, the concise and actual difference between Mebibyte and Megabyte.  The mebibyte is represented by symbol MiB.  In terms of binary, mebi simply means 220  which is equal to 1024 KB.  This unit was established by IEC in 1998.  The mega is Greek word and it is represented by symbol M.  Megabyte is combination of word mega and byte and it is represented by symbol MB.   In terms of system of units, it simply denotes factoring of 1 million (106).  This unit was established by SI (International System of Units) in 1960.  MiB is right unit when we talk about 1024 KB of data and Megabyte is right unit when we talk about 1000 KB of data.  MiB is still not widely acknowledged within industry, thus from both hardware manufacturer’s and Microsoft’s point of view, we use Megabyte for both 1000 KB and 1024 KB of data.

What is a Gigabyte or GB?

GB stands for Gigabyte and 1 Gigabyte in Megabytes is equal to 1024 MB.

What is a Terabyte or TB?

TB stands for Terabyte and 1 Terabyte in Gigabytes is equal to 1024 GB.

What is a Petabyte or PB?

PB stands for Petabyte and 1 Petabyte in Terabytes is equal to 1024 TB.

Computer Storage Units Chart

Unit Bytes
1 kilobyte (KB) 1,024 bytes
1 megabyte (MB) 1,048,576 bytes
1 gigabyte (GB) 1,073,741,824 bytes
1 terabyte (TB) 1,099,511,627,776 bytes
1 petabyte (PB) 1,125,899,906,842,624 bytes

MB to GB Converter

This is a very simple Megabytes to Gigabytes converter or you can say mb to gb converter. You simply need to enter the megabyte value in the first box and click on convert button. It will easily convert megabyte to gigabyte.  Mostly commonly done MB to GB conversions are given below.

100 MB to GB = 0.1 GB (approximate)

1000 MB to GB = 1 GB (approximate)

1024 MB to GB = 1 GB

4096 MB to GB = 4 GB

2048 MB to GB = 2 GB

GB to MB Converter

This is a very simple GB to MB converter or you can say Gigabytes to Megabytes converter. You simply need to enter the gigabyte value in the first box and click on convert button. It will easily convert gigabyte to megabyte.  Mostly commonly done GB to MB conversions are given below.

1 GB to MB = 1024 MB

2 GB to MB = 2048 MB

4 GB to MB = 4096 MB

8 GB to MB = 8192 MB

10 GB to MB = 10240 MB

From the above give units, it seems that Petabyte (PB) is largest unit of storage in computer which is not true.  The largest unit of storage is Yobibyte which is equivalent to 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 bits of data.   Bit is smallest unit of storage in computer.  I hope you know by now how many Megabytes in a Gigabyte.