How To Generate List of Items Present in a Folder

windowsMaking a list of folder items by hand is really not easy.  It will consume your a lot of time.  In this situation, your first approach will be, go to Google and search for some software to do the job for you in just seconds, but most of the time you will end up with nothing.   Now, I am going to share a method which can help you in generating a list of folder items with only 1 click and without using any other software apart from CMD.  Follow the given steps  correctly.

Go to your folder and press  Shift + Right Click.  You will get the option of open command window here.  Select that option.


Now in CMD window, type the given code.

dir *.* /b>>List.txt


After entering the above given code, hit enter.  Check that folder and you will see List.txt file with the list of all available items in the folder.