How To Download Any Torrent File Directly To PC

These days torrents are the best way to share anything online.  The normal method of downloading any torrent is using a torrent client.  Lots of peers share their files over the torrent network and give you the direct access to their own files for downloading.  Due to less number of peers sometimes it take too much time to download a certain file and frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of downloading torrents and waiting for long hours, so instead of going for torrent I try to download the file directly to my PC.

The method which I am going to discuss will help you in downloading those torrent files directly to your PC without any kind of waiting.  Just go to any torrent search site and search for your required file.  Click on that file and copy the download link.


After copying the download link, go to  This site will transfer the data to their one of server and give you the direct access to the file.


Just hit the Go button and it will take you to another page, where it will ask for free and premium access.  Just choose free access.


After choosing the free, the file transfer will begin and when it will be completed, you will get the direct option to download the file to your PC.


Congratulations, now your file is ready for download.  Just hit the download and your download will begin shortly.