[FIX] XAMPP Apache Error: Apache Shutdown Unexpectedly

xampp apache errorRecently, I encountered the below given XAMPP apache error while running my XAMPP server.

“Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly”

The issue was XAMPP apache blocked port due to which I was getting errors like apache not running or apache shutdown unexpectedly.  No doubt, there are plenty of solutions available over internet for this problem. But each and everyone of them ask you to modify your VMware, Skype or other software settings so that your port 80 and 443 should be free.  I found another solution which is way easier than those and you don’t need to modify anything apart from 2 config files.  After following the given steps, you will never face any problem in running XAMPP server.

In XAMPP control panel, under Apache, you have the option for Configuration.  In Configuration, you have 2 options, Apache (httpd.conf) and Apache (httpd-ssl.conf).

First, open Apache (httpd.conf) file and make following changes.

Listen 80 => Listen 8080

ServerName localhost:80 => ServerName localhost:8080

Second, open Apache (httpd-ssl.conf) file and make following changes.

Listen 443 => Listen 4433

<VirtualHost _default_:443> => <VirtualHost _default_:4443>

ServerName localhost:443 => ServerName localhost:4443

After making above given changes, your will be able to run XAMPP Server without any issue.  So if you are facing problem such as XAMPP apache server won’t start or XAMPP apache server is not working, then you must try this solution.  As of now XAMPP is only available for Win32, not for Win64.  But if you are using Windows 7 64-Bit, then feel free to download XAMPP Win32 and start using it.