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String Data Type & Concatenation in PHP

String is one of various data types in PHP.  String is nothing more than a collection of letters.  From previous tutorials, we know how to assign a string value to a variable.  To concatenate a raw string to the variable value, we make use of dot (.) in between them.  There are 2 more ways

Variables in PHP

Variables are basically used to store some value.  Variables can be local or global.  Local variables are declared and accessible only inside a function.  Global variables are always declared outside a function and are accessible inside any function as well as outside.  Global variables are basically declared at the very beginning of a code file. 

Comments in PHP

In any programming or scripting language, comments are very important.  While writing your code, you may write several lines of code with a lot of custom functions to make your code processing faster.  But if your fellow team member look over that code, it will be hard for him to figure out what that code

Echo Function in PHP With Example

Your PHP code always starts with <?php and ends with ?> tags.  This basically tells your server that any code between these 2 angular brackets should be treated as PHP code.  A user can easily view the HTML source code of the web page by selecting View Source option in the browser, but if you

What is PHP & XAMPP Installation

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.  Initially, it was known as Personal Home Page tools.  PHP was developed and introduced to the world very first in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP is server-side scripting language.  You must have a web server running to execute PHP script.  Since it is scripting language, there is no requirement of