Protected Internal Access Modifier in C#

As you know, if you want to make your class reusable in other projects, then you can create a class library and add a reference to it in your projects.  However, which members are accessible and which are not, it all depends upon access modifiers.   Protected Internal is one of the access modifiers where

Internal Access Modifier in C#

Whenever you compile your dotnet project, an assembly is generated.  Depending upon your preference, it could be exe or dll file.  Usually, whenever we want to use an assembly in other projects, we generate a dll file.  Like any ohter dotnet assembly, it contains classes, structs, interfaces etc.  All of these containing types are accessible

Protected Access Modifier in C# with Example

In inheritance in C#, we know that all the public type members in base class are accessible through derived class.  Private type members in base class cannot be accessed through derived class.  Apart from Public and Private access modifiers, there is another access modifier called Protected access modifier.  By using Protected access modifier, you can

Private Access Modifier in C# with Example

Private access modifier in C# is only used when you want to use some type member within the containing type only and want to restrict it from accessing outside of the containing type.  All type members are by default Private, so it is not necessary to use Private keyword in front of them.  But it’s