Continue Statement

C# continue statement is used to skip some piece of code inside the loop.  In some cases, you don’t want to execute some piece of code during your looping process, then this statement comes in handy.  The C# sample code is given below to demonstrate the use of continue statement where we are skipping 1

Break Statement

C# break statement is used to break a loop.  In some cases, at certain point you want to break a loop and want to stop the execution when you find the exact match as per your requirement.  In such cases, you can make use of break statement.  Let me elaborate it a bit more, suppose

Foreach Loop

C# foreach loop basically used for an iteration purpose.  In that iteration process, we loop through an collection object and display or manipulate the each object in that collection based upon our requirements.  For example, if you have an object like an array which contains bunch of names and  you want to display all the

Do While Loop

C# do while loop is pretty much like a while loop.  The only difference is, your code inside the loop will be executed at least once regardless to your loop condition, which will be checked after the execution of your code inside the loop.  The C# sample code is given below and it is pretty

C# Basic Interview Questions

What is Code Refactoring? Code Refactoring is a simple process of restructuring your existing code to improve readability and reduce the code complexity. What is WinRT? WinRT is knowns as Windows Runtime.  WinRT is similar to CLR (Common Language Runtime).  The only difference between CLR and WinRT is that WinRT is used for the execuation