Alert Function in JavaScript

The very first JavaScript application which we are going to create, is Hello World.  For this, we need a very simple HTML code.  We are going to add our JavaScript code inside body tag.  However, we usually place it inside head tag. JavaScript code is always placed inside script tag, which will have a type

Installing Notepad++ On Windows 7

As of now, I am using Windows 7 64-Bit. Since we want to work with JavaScript, we do need some code editor.  There are various code editors available over internet for the same purpose.  However, among all of them, Notepad++ is quite popular and it is extremely easy to use in terms of installation and

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is scripting language which is interpreted by almost all the browser engines whenever the webpage is loaded.  The behavior of JavaScript may differ from browser to browser because some of the older browser engines do not interpret JavaScript accurately and may cause problem while loading a webpage. JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich at