How to Break/Exit For Loop in C#/CSharp

To break loop in C#/CSharp, we make use of break statement.  Following example demonstrates how you can break or exit for loop in C# when a certain condition is met. using System; namespace Hello_World { class Program { static void Main(string args) { for (int i = 0; i <= 100; i++) { Console.WriteLine(i); //Condition

String Concatenation in JavaScript

For string concatenation in JavaScript, we make use of plus (+) operator or concat function.  But the interesting part is, the plus (+) operator is also used for adding 2 numbers.  It all depends upon how you assign a value to a variable.  A string is always surrounded by quotes whereas a number does not

ID Selector in jQuery

In HTML, each element can have its unique ID.  This unique ID is further used by JavaScript and jQuery for manipulation.  Having a unique ID for each element will make easy for jQuery and JavaScript to find the right HTML element in DOM.  In jQuery, we use hash (#) in front of ID for selection,

More String Functions in PHP

As you know by now, string functions are very useful in manipulating a string.  The list of predefined string functions is huge, so we will discuss only mostly commonly used string functions. Strlen:  This string function will return length of a string. Ucfirst:  This string function will change case of first letter of the string