How To Do Webcam Chat in Mozilla Firefox

After the recent update, Mozilla Firefox has finally started offering webcam chat option in their toolbar.  Now, you can chat straight from your browser without installing any other software.  Just simply click on the little icon on the toolbar and start your conversation. Now, you can see, here you got couple of options regarding link

QuizGroup Youtube MCN Network Review

Youtube is one of the most visited website over internet which contains lots of videos with millions of daily uploads by Youtube users all across the world.  Youtube every day gets billions of views on their videos and they make millions every day through their ads.  Youtube also gives opportunity to all of its users

Region Keyword in C# with Example

Due to large amount of code, sometimes it becomes very difficult to know what a certain piece of code actually does.  However, we do have the option of using comments in code section, but there is much better way to simplify things.  We can use region keyword and can give that piece of code some

Protected Internal Access Modifier in C#

As you know, if you want to make your class reusable in other projects, then you can create a class library and add a reference to it in your projects.  However, which members are accessible and which are not, it all depends upon access modifiers.   Protected Internal is one of the access modifiers where

Internal Access Modifier in C#

Whenever you compile your dotnet project, an assembly is generated.  Depending upon your preference, it could be exe or dll file.  Usually, whenever we want to use an assembly in other projects, we generate a dll file.  Like any ohter dotnet assembly, it contains classes, structs, interfaces etc.  All of these containing types are accessible