What is PHP & XAMPP Installation

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.  Initially, it was known as Personal Home Page tools.  PHP was developed and introduced to the world very first in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP is server-side scripting language.  You must have a web server running to execute PHP script.  Since it is scripting language, there is no requirement of

What is CDN Server & Advantages of Using CDN Server

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. As the name suggests, it’s a network which delivers content.  It is basically a system of distributed servers which delivers web content like images, css file, javascript file, jQuery file etc. to the websites. In regard to jQuery, big companies like Microsoft and Google has their own public CDN

How To Use jQuery

First of all, you have to download jQuery file from jQuery.com which is the official website for jQuery and have complete documentation about its implementation.  There are basically 2 versions available v1.x and v2.x.  If you want to provide support for older versions of IE 6, 7, 8 then you can download v1.x but if

What is jQuery?

jQuery is basically a lightweight JavaScript library, which simplifies the coding process with JavaScript and helps in creating more powerful JavaScript applications.  Unlike JavaScript, jQuery is compatible with all browsers, thus you don’t need to worry about browser engine compatibility or need to add any kind of additional checks for browser engine before code execution.