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Angular Interview Questions

What is Angular? Angular is a front-end Javascript framework developed by Google.  It simply makes use of tree of components which are interconnected with each other and under the hood, it also makes use of dependency injection which makes it more powerful.  Angular itself is written in Typescript; however, apart from Typescript, you can use

Establishing Electron-Angular IPC Communication

This tutorial is going to be pretty basic where you will learn how to establish IPC communication between Angular and Electron.  I assume you already have Angular-Electron project ready and the only thing lacking is IPC communication.  Just follow the steps given below. Step 1:  Open index.html file from your angular src directory. Step 2: 

How Add Font-Awesome to Ionic Project

Today, you will learn how to add font-awesome icons to your ionic project.  This entire thing is going to step by step, so just follow along. Step 1:  Create config folder in your project directory.  Inside that folder create file copy.config.js Step 2:  Expand your node_modules folder as shown in the image and copy the

Top 5 Freelance Job Sites 2017

Are you ready to get into online money making business by simply working from home? In this article, we will introduce 5 top websites to make money online by simply working at home. If you are good at something, then these websites will definitely help you in getting the perfect job you are waiting for