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Containers in Bootstrap 3

In Bootstrap, for proper alignment and padding, Grid system is placed inside a container.  There are 2 types of container classes in Bootstrap. Container. Container-fluid. Container:  This container has fixed width and it appears in the center of the screen. Container-fluid:  This container consumes full width of the screen.  This is also known as fluid

Grid System in Bootstrap 3

Grid system is one of the most important features in Bootstrap.  Grid system helps you in arranging your web page content in proper manner.  It is basically a combination of rows and columns.  You can have multiple rows, but each row will have only 12 columns.  Grid system is rectangular in size which contains all

Rendering of a Web Page in Bootstrap 3

As you know, there are numerous browsers and devices, so it is important to add some additional information in a HTML file using meta tags.  This thing will ensure proper rendering of a web page. We want our web page to fit in the window of any device.  This means we want our website to

How To Use Bootstrap 3

First of all, we need to download Bootstrap from the official website, Click Here.  At the time of this tutorial, Bootstrap v3.3.6 is available.  There are 3 folders inside Bootstrap folder; CSS, Fonts, and JS.  In CSS folder, we have bootstrap.min.css and bootstrap.css.  In JS folder, we have bootstrap.min.js and bootstrap.js. The files containing min