Author: Krishnaa

Assignment Operator

In any language, there is major use of assignment operator.  Assignment operator is used to assign a value to any variable.  If you want to initialize the value of any variable at the starting point or later, you can make use of assignment operator.  The assignment operator is represented by equal sign (=).  A very

Escape Sequences & Verbatim Literal

A character which is a combination of a backslash (\) followed by another character or a letter is known as Escape Sequence.  There are numerous escape sequences provided by Microsoft.  For example:  If you want to have a new line after certain string or character, you can simply use \n to have a new line. 

Data Types

There are 2 types of data types available in C#. Reference Types Value Types Reference Types:  Classes, Interfaces, Delegates etc comes under Reference Types. Value Types:  There are certain Built-In types, which comes under Value Types.  The list is given below. Integral String (Reference Type) Object (Reference Type) Boolean Floating Decimal Integral:  There are several

ReadLine Function & Place Holder

This tutorial will demonstrate the use of ReadLine Function, which resides in Console class.  This function will help you in reading any string, which you will type in the console window.   The sample code for the ReadLine function is given below. using System; public class Program { public static void Main() { string FirstName; string

C# Console WriteLine Example

Every programming language lesson starts with a program called Hello, World!  This program will give you a basic idea about that language.   The dotnet language makes major use of namespaces and classes.  Namespaces are basically a collection of interfaces, classes, delegates, enums, and structures.  The code for the C# dotnet program is given below, which