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If and Else Statement

While writing a program, we encounter such situations where we need to decide whether a certain block of code should be executed or not if a certain condition is met. For this purpose, we make use of If and Else statement, which is known as conditional statement. A sample code is given below with its

How To Disable Copy in Blogger

Every blogger wants to protect their content from plagiarism and believe me it hurts a lot if some steal your stuff and claim that it has been created by him. If you are a blogger and wants to become one of top bloggers, stop doing this thing. Getting inspired with some article and copying the

Arithmetic Operators

To perform any kind of mathematical calculation in C#, we make use of Arithmetic Operators.  The list of Arithmetic Operators is given below. Addition + Subtraction – Division / Multiplication * Modulus % A very simple code is given below for the demonstration of Addition + operator. [crayon-5f105e7191be5289378625/]

Assignment Operator

In any language, there is major use of assignment operator.  Assignment operator is used to assign a value to any variable.  If you want to initialize the value of any variable at the starting point or later, you can make use of assignment operator.  The assignment operator is represented by equal sign (=).  A very